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Notations is a set of electronic music created for an exhibition with artist Anne Wilson - using 20 of her digital prints (of the same title) as notational systems. Each of these images were played like piano-rolls to produce music that has rhythms that trace the visual patterns of these photographic "scores". As WIlson's images were made up of sequential patterns taken from her own sculptural process, I decided to use source material for the sound compositions that was entirely taken from musical tracks that Wilson and her assistants listened to while producing the Notations piece. Thus, in a way, this audio work is a re-articulation (or a "dub version") of the “work music” which accompanied the production of the notations images.

My process for composing music:

- Collect music listened to during the construction of the Notations images.
- Also include Music listened to by myself during this period, as well as recordings of my own fiddle-playing (Irish traditional music) which I was busy doing at the time as well.
- Use each of the Notations scores like a piano role to rearticulate selections of the work music (allowing little bits of it to be heard, mapping the slopes of each pin to the pitch of the playback, etc.).
- Pass these tracks through various resonances (bells, etc.) and add background “rhythm tracks” also derived from the various source material.

These tracks were released as a limited edition artist produced CD.