Shawn Decker's "Prairie" being installed at the Chicago Cultural Center

Prairie, a large immersive sound and motion installation, will be opening at the Chicago Cultural Center on February 9th (Saturday).  Along with the this large piece (photo of the piece during installation above) will be numerous dance and music performances, artists talks, panel discussions, and more.  I will be posting the final schedule here as soon as it is finalized.  Look for more details soon!  For now, here are a few shots of me and the crew during fabrication and installation.

Shawn Decker's "Prairie" being installed at the Chicago Cultural Center

The full version of my sound installation Prarie is now in production and will open at the Chicago Cultural Center on Feb 8th, 2012.  The piece will be located in the Yates gallery on the 4th floor of the cultural Center (Randolph St. side) and will cover roughly 2000 square feet of the space.  Above is a photo taken of one 12'x12' section of the piece, set up for a photo shoot in the gallery.

Shawn Decker: installation site for Sonic Peripheries 6 in Bremen, Germany

SONIC PERIPHERIES is a curated series on sonic art practices by Petra Klusmeyer, artist and Teaching Researcher of Sound Studies at the University of the Arts Bremen, presented in cooperation with the Artist-in-Residency Stuhr-Heiligenrod.  I was the featured artist for the 6th installment in the series, presenting a solo installation/performance in June 2012.

Shawn Decker and Jan Erik Andersson Sounding Dome Sauna

The Sounding Dome Sauna, created last summer for the European Cutural Capital celebration in Turku Finland was reinstalled this summer, in a new location - at the Wäinö Aaltosen Museo, a wonderful Museum and cultural center in downtown Turku.  In addition to the Sauna itself, relocated to a new site, my collaborator, Jan-Erik Andersson, also designed an all new changing room, which you can see alongside the Sauna in the photograph.  Like last year, this is a working sauna, open to the public during museum hours (with an attendent, etc.) for saunas of steam and sound.

Shawn Decker: Prairie redesign in studio at the Ragdale Foundation

For three weeks in May I had a residency at the Ragdale Foundation in Lake Forest, IL - a residency I have done many times in the past, although not so recently.  As usual, this residency was extraordinarily productive - I totally redesigned the piece Prairie (you can see documentation of the original smaller "prototype" version in the works section, here) with the assistant from a Rhizome grant.  The idea was to make t

View from mountaintop in Sewanee TN

I just finished teaching a class in Physical Computing for Artists at a summer arts program at the St. Andrews school in Sewanee TN called "Shakerag".  What a terrific place and program!  An intensive week of work - with very hard working and dedicated students - and what is really interesting to me is that they are including technology based classes in with the other more traditional craft based areas - linking these kinds of "process" oriented activities together.

Shawn Decker and Lynn Book performing "The Phaedra Escapes" at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.

I have just uploaded a set of excerpts, as well as a couple of photos, from The Pheadra Escapes, A denatured song cycle for voice, electronics, and sfxs (Lynn Book) and violin, analog synthesizer, and laptop (Shawn Decker). These excerpts are from the 60 minute live performance at the Outer Ear Festival, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL,  in Jan 2012.

Here are the excerpts:

Shawn Decker, Scratch Studies

I am teaching a one week workshop Moving and Shaking the World: Physical Computing for Artists at Shakerag in Sewanee, Tennessee this summer on physical computing for artists - The workshop will be from June 10-June 16, and will provide a great hands-on introduction to artists who are looking to add environmental sensing, motion, sound, etc. to their artwork -  or for whatever project you might have in mind!

Shawn Decker

Tonight, Feb 23rd, listen to a recording of a live performance of The Phaedra Escapes, a new song cycle that is a collaboration between Lynn Book and myself on NUMBERS.FM. This is a new work that we recently performed as part of the Experimental Sound Studio's Outer Ear Series.

Shawn Decker - Motion Studies (Prairie)

Each year, awards commissioning grants - eight are chosen by a curatorial panel, and two are chosen by rhizome's members.  This year, my proposal for Prairie, a full-scale version of the work started with Motion Studies Prairie (documented in the artworks section of this site) was chosen by the members of Rhizome to receive one of these awards!  You can see the proposal on - as well as a future interview there as well.  Also, of