Motion Studies (Air)

Materials:  Speakers, custom electronics, Dolby 5.1 DVD.
Motion Study (Air) is one of a series of works that explore the sound of motion – in this case the sound of moving air.  Air is the medium of transmission of sound – without air, there is no sound.  But air also has the ability to make sound while moving –to be disturbed when playing along surfaces and moving through  cavities, along wires and around corners and between buildings. This sound implies motion – sometimes the motion of physical objects through the air, but more often the motion of the air itself. This piece focuses not so much on the sound of the wind, but rather the dynamic spatial aspect of air as a medium.  
The source material which this work is based on is a recording of a stone wall along the coast of Western Ireland - an empty elemental place where the only sound one hears for hours on end is the sound of moving air playing around the rocks.  This documentation was made of the work at the State of Illinois Gallery in the Thompson Center in Chicago.  The piece is highly spatial, and a stereo audio recording only approximates the experience of the piece first-hand.
Listen to audio documentation:

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