Sounding Nest Sauna at the Mänttä Art Exhibition

05 Nov 2017


A new work in my ongoing collaboration with Finnish artist Jan-Erik Andersson was presented this summer at the Mänttä Art Museum in central Finland.  The Mänttä Exhibition is one of Finland's largest and most important summer exhibitions.  For this year we created a version of our Sauna project from 2011 which incorporates features of our previous nest structures, as well as portable sauna fabric to create a working sauna on the shore of a lake where visitors could use the public bathhouse to change, take a sauna, then swim in the lake.

The Sauna features sound inside and out which responds to heat and humidity, playing real-time mixes specifically taylored to increase the sensation of either heating or cooling as the Sauna went through these cycles, as well as to promote an over-all connectedness to the surroundings as well as a meditative experience.

Here is a nice video documenting the piece: