Natura Naturans at Ragdale Foundation tomorrow!

19 Oct 2013

I will be performing/installing "Natura Naturans" - a piece based on an performance/installation done at the Sonic Peripheries festival in Breman, German two summers ago at the Ragdale Foundation for their Art Walk this Sunday Oct. 19th. This is a piece featuring 32 small speakers installed in the plant room of the Ragdale house, along with quadrophonic sound from 4 larger powered monitors.

"Natura Naturans" is a piece that combines and contrasts "natural" rhythms from field recordings and other sources, with various man-made rhythms that imitate nature. It is a highly spatial electroacoustic installation. For the Ragdale house, recordings of sounds from the restored Prairie on the grounds will be a primary source for the piece.

The performance/installation will run from 12-4. The 12:00-2:00 salon portion of the event (brunch, etc.) is sold out, but there are still tickets for the 2:00 - 4:00 open studio portion.