Prairie now in Production - opens Feb 8th

13 Feb 2013

Shawn Decker's "Prairie" being installed at the Chicago Cultural Center

The full version of my sound installation Prarie is now in production and will open at the Chicago Cultural Center on Feb 8th, 2012.  The piece will be located in the Yates gallery on the 4th floor of the cultural Center (Randolph St. side) and will cover roughly 2000 square feet of the space.  Above is a photo taken of one 12'x12' section of the piece, set up for a photo shoot in the gallery.

The piece, based on my prototype Motion Studies (Prairie), which was funded by the Illinois Arts Council, and exhibited at the Experimental Sound Studio here in Chicago, was redesigned for a much larger scale, with funding from the Rhizome foundation.  Now the full version of the piece is being fabricated, and installation will start in mid January.  The piece will feature 423 of the mechanical stems seen in the prototype, each with a speaker and vibrating motor, each completely independent, and will fill much of the Yates gallery.  The Chicago Cultural Center has also comissioned 4 seperate dance perofrmances to take place within the installation on 4 seperate weekends - and with help from the arts administration department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, additional events will be programmed including a lecture series, music performances, and more.

Look for updates here as the schedule is finalized, and the piece begins to take shape!