New Sound Installation created for Sonic Peripheries #6 - Bremen, Germany

13 Feb 2013

Shawn Decker: installation site for Sonic Peripheries 6 in Bremen, Germany

SONIC PERIPHERIES is a curated series on sonic art practices by Petra Klusmeyer, artist and Teaching Researcher of Sound Studies at the University of the Arts Bremen, presented in cooperation with the Artist-in-Residency Stuhr-Heiligenrod.  I was the featured artist for the 6th installment in the series, presenting a solo installation/performance in June 2012. This installation/performance, titled Non/natura naturans; discerned presence  was realized as an installation involving 40 small speakers and 8 large speakers distributed through the gallery complex (2 galleries, the kitchen, and the WC and hallway).  The piece was made of of various field recordings, synthetic tracks, and small furtive clicking and chirping sounds from the small speakers spread around the edge of the main gallery space.  All the tracks were centrally controlled.  Also, live processing using analog synths and other live electronics was incorporated into the work, along with external microphones outside the gallery monitoring outdoor sounds. The overall goal and idea behind this piece was to investigate the boundaries between the natural (the various field recordings and outside microphones) and synthetic sounds I created based on natural processes and simulations (which is an ongoing strategy I use within my electronic music in general).  The entire performative installation lasted 3 hours.

Here is an excerpt from the installation (recording made in the space from a stereo microphone):