Sounding Dome Sauna installed at the Wäinö Aaltosen Museo, in Finland

13 Feb 2013

Shawn Decker and Jan Erik Andersson Sounding Dome Sauna

The Sounding Dome Sauna, created last summer for the European Cutural Capital celebration in Turku Finland was reinstalled this summer, in a new location - at the Wäinö Aaltosen Museo, a wonderful Museum and cultural center in downtown Turku.  In addition to the Sauna itself, relocated to a new site, my collaborator, Jan-Erik Andersson, also designed an all new changing room, which you can see alongside the Sauna in the photograph.  Like last year, this is a working sauna, open to the public during museum hours (with an attendent, etc.) for saunas of steam and sound.

This public art project, a collaboration between Finnish artist Jan-Erik Andersson and myself, was one of several artist-designed and constructed saunas that were part of the SaunaLab project, one of the many projects that made up the City of Turku's (FINLAND)  European Cultural Capital 2011 activities. Our sauna project was placed in the Turku city pool, where it was visiting by many many people during the entire summer of 2011.

Jan-Erik designed and constructed the structure of this wild sauna, and my part of the project was adding the sound, both inside and outside.  The sound is driven by both the heat and humidity of the inside of the sauna. The outside sounds are designed to reflect the wild exterior of the sauna - whereas the inside sounds are more meditative and philisophical - reflecting the "serious" nature of the Finnish sauna tradition. Overall Jan-Erik and I worked two years on this project - one of our most substantial public art collaborations to date.

You can see and hear the full documentation of the Sounding Dome Sauna section in the artworks section of this website.