Excerpts from The Phaedra Escapes

13 Feb 2013

Shawn Decker and Lynn Book performing "The Phaedra Escapes" at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.

I have just uploaded a set of excerpts, as well as a couple of photos, from The Pheadra Escapes, A denatured song cycle for voice, electronics, and sfxs (Lynn Book) and violin, analog synthesizer, and laptop (Shawn Decker). These excerpts are from the 60 minute live performance at the Outer Ear Festival, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL,  in Jan 2012.

Here are the excerpts:

Transmedia and vocal artist Lynn Book in collaboration with electronic musician and sound artist Shawn Decker deploy Phaedra as a divining tool to denature the song cycle by way of voluptuous frictions between release and containment, stasis and white hot freedom. Part history and part possibility, Phaedra is both a mythical figure and a contemporary sign of escape. 

The song cycle is structured as a Prelude (after Rameau) followed by 5 songs ("Acts") each seperated by a short instrumental "escape".