Course in Physical Computing for Artists at Shakerag this Summer

13 Feb 2013

Shawn Decker, Scratch Studies

I am teaching a one week workshop Moving and Shaking the World: Physical Computing for Artists at Shakerag in Sewanee, Tennessee this summer on physical computing for artists - The workshop will be from June 10-June 16, and will provide a great hands-on introduction to artists who are looking to add environmental sensing, motion, sound, etc. to their artwork -  or for whatever project you might have in mind! Many of the techniques we will cover are the same ones I use in much of the work that is documentated on this site. The class will be entirely focused around learning basic arduino techniques - the very popular open-source hardware/software project. 

Here is the full description of the class:

Physical computing emphasizes writing computer code for small computers (think palm of your hand) that interface directly to the “physical” world (hence the name). The open-source arduino board project, along with a host of inexpensive DIY kits and parts for hooking these boards up to a vast number of things, has helped open up the world of physical computing to artists, musicians, and others. This class is designed to teach the beginner the fundamentals of activating physical objects using an arduino board connected to speakers, motors, LED lights, simple sensors, switches, etc. to create simple artworks that are activated in some way. Participants in the class will learn some basics of electricity, some simple wiring techniques, and some ideas about how motors, lights, switches, etc. work. Then we will explore some beginning ideas around writing computer programs that directly access these devices to create specific kinds of patterns, movement, interactions, etc. By the end of the class, each participant will complete a small activated sound/light/kinetic project.