13 Feb 2013

Shawn Decker

Tonight, Feb 23rd, listen to a recording of a live performance of The Phaedra Escapes, a new song cycle that is a collaboration between Lynn Book and myself on NUMBERS.FM. This is a new work that we recently performed as part of the Experimental Sound Studio's Outer Ear Series.

NUMBERS.FM is an online radio station devoted to experimental musics, snd and audio arts, which was founded by new media artists/electronic musicians Jon Cates and Jake Elliott. You can listen to this station, at (you can also download a streaming playlist for your itunes).

I now have a weekly show every other Thursday from 8:11 - 9:11 CST.  Tune in! 

Some of my previous shows are archived on soundcloud - my shows are mostly done live from the studio, with some occasional other recordings of previous projects, but all my own music. Here is an archive of the first show I broadcast (live electronic performance from my studio):