Motion Studies (Prairie) opening Friday Aug. 27 at ESS

04 Jan 2013

Shawn Decker: Motion Studies (Prairie) at Experimental Sound Studio

Image of Motion Studies (Prairie) at the Experimental Sound Studio's Audible Gallery
Motion Studies (Prairie) - my latest piece - will open this Friday at the Experimental Sound Studio's  Audible Gallery, 5925 Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, on Friday Aug. 27th,  with an opening reception from 6-9 PM. 
This piece  is a large-scale sound installation that investigates simple sounds combined with architectonics, landscape and unpredictable patternmaking. A field of thin rods, each with a small loudspeaker and motor, produces clicking sounds and  slight quivers in computer-generated patterns. The effect is like the swaying movements encountered in windblown prairies with tall grass or in Midwestern wheat fields, all the more evocative because of the elegant minimalist finish of the installation’s sculptural-kinetic elements.

Curator Lou Mallozzi says of the installation: "the listener/viewer is immediately put into a state like that of observing a landscape, an elusive and uncanny state where one feels not outside the landscape, but truly a part of it even as it acts of its own accord and one feels one’s way through it. Simultaneously romantic and prosaic, 'Motion Studies (Prairie)' is both unashamed of its artifice and mesmerizing in its transportative effect." I hope you can join us for the opening reception.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

Exhibition: Aug 27 - Sep 19
Gallery hours:  Sat. and Sun 1-4, or by appointment (email me....)
Here are some more images - these are preliminary photos by Alan Labb, who is documenting the piece for me -