Motion Studies (Prairie) receives funding

03 Jan 2013

I just received notification that I received funding for my latest project Motion Studies (Prairie) from the Illinois Arts Council.  Look for updates on the project here as it develops!  Everything needs to be wrapped up by Aug. 31 so I'll be moving fast!  Here is a bit of the project description to whet your appetite:

In this piece a large open space (as large as 40’ x 40’) would be covered with a grid of small speakers – with space between them to allow for people to walk among them.  The speakers would be mounted on thin rods so that the vibrations sent through them would be manifested in physical shaking/vibration that would be visual in nature, and would exactly coincide with the sounds being produced.  This space would have as many as 200 to 300 separate small speakers, each playing unique sounds that are coordinated among all the speakers.  The sounds of the piece would explore the idea of grasslands and the rich sounds found within them – wind and air, insects, water, and the physical action of many blades of grass activated by these elements.  Sounds would flow through the space as air flows through grass, leaving a visual ‘rustling’ behind as well as the vibrating sounds are transmitted physically to the rods the speakers are mounted on.