Motions Studies (Air) at Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery

03 Jan 2013

Stop by the Illinois State Museum (Thompson Center, downtown Chicago) to see one of my most recent pieces:  Motion Study (Air), open through May 7, 2010.

Motion Study (Air) is one of a series of works that explore the sound of motion – in this case the sound of moving air.  Air is the medium of transmission of sound – without air, there is no sound.  But it is also the case that air has the ability to make sound while moving – to be disturbed when playing along surfaces and moving through cavities, along wires and around corners, between buildings, and to make sound.  This sound implies motion – sometime the motion of physical objects through the air, but more often the motion of the air itself.  Not surprisingly, the sound of wind and moving air has long been a point of fascination of electronic music – ever since the invention of the “white noise” generator, filtered noise has been used to simulate the sound of wind in all its manifestations. This piece continues that fascination with an investigation that focuses not on just the sound of the wind, but rather the dynamic spatial aspect of air as a medium.

The piece is part of the Pathways and Portals: Art, Nature and Science exhibit:

Illinois State Museum Gallery
100 W. Randolph (2nd level)
Chicago, IL

Hours: 9AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday.