Errant Behaviors

Posted by shawn


Errant Behaviors is a 2 channel Video and 4 channel Audio installation by Anne Wilson in which I collaborated by creating all the music/soundtrack.  The music, which is fairly prominent in the piece, reinforces the 21 small vignettes of various "Errant Behaviors" which are all executed using insect pins, thread and lace and captured in stop motion animation in absolutely stunning detail. For more documentation of the piece, either go to my installation documentation on this site, or visit Anne Wilson's Site.


This audio disc was then created as a separate piece (originally published by the SOFA gallery in Bloomington Indiana along with a catalog of the piece).  This catalog/CD can be purchased online at the CDeMusic site.


In the installation, two DVDs, each containing roughly a dozen tracks, are played simultaneously together.  Thus, one always hears two audio tracks  randomly mixed together. This CD contains a somewhat more composed approach to this mixing, while remaining intimately related to the original feel of the installation.  Both in the installation and on this CD, close attention is paid to the relationship between natural, human, and synthetic rhythms.  I've composed these new piece by remixing audio material from all 23 Errant Behaviors soundtracks, layering and juxtoposing source material (field and studio recordings, often heavily processed, plus a wide variety of found sounds).


The tracks on this CD, while echoing the original work, are meant to exist as an entirely seperate and new piece.